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Dear merchants

Stop losing money!

You can speed up sales and offer better shopping experience to your customers. Online, offline, anywhere, anytime.


Most convenient shopping solution that helps you sell your products and service by making customer’s payments much simpler, speeding up the buying process and helping prevent cart abandonment during checkout. Without cues in stores and complex online checkouts.

Make the most out of your work:

Reach new customer segments

Improve customer lifetime value

Increase sales

Improve inventory turnover

Increase operational efficiency

You can use KÖPA for a monthly subscription.
See how it works!

Fast, Simple Enjoyable

The customer simply clicks on a link or scans a QR code and chooses the automatic payment. From any surface – website, TV, magazine, bilboard, flyer, physical store… Fast, Simple Enjoyable. Wherever there is a QR code, it’s a point of sale. Unique interactive omnichannel experience.

On your end things are automaticaly organized and updated. You get an payment confirmation and details where and to whom to deliver a service or a merchandise.

But above all you can do it with absolut safety and confidence because KÖPA complies with global data security standards.


We provide seamless integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, MerchantPro, BigCommerce, Magento, SAP and many more.

KÖPA is a solution for retailers to never lose a customer, increase retention while reducing the cost of operations.

Call us to check monthly subscription model that best suits needs for your business.

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